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African women, literature, language, and culture

dc.contributor.authorKing, Rosamond S.
dc.identifier.citationindex l comunicación | nº 4 (2) | 2014 | Pages 79-86 | ISSN: 2174-1859es
dc.description.abstractThis essay will link African women’s writing to culture, including literary culture and the politics of literature. It describes how African women’s literature can act as a mirror, reflecting African cultures to Africans, and how it can serve as a window and a door, revealing African cultures to those outside of them in whole or in part. It ends with a description of “communal agency,” an example of how scholarly writing can act as a door for both those who are and are not a part of a literature’s
dc.publisherServicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad Rey Juan Carloses
dc.rightsAtribución 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subjectAfrican literaturees
dc.subjectAfrican womenes
dc.subjectliterary culturees
dc.subjectThe Gambiaes
dc.titleAfrican women, literature, language, and culturees
dc.subject.unesco5701.07 Lengua y Literaturaes

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